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Upon accessing the app, choose from a diverse range of AI personalities tailored for education, such as Curriculum Developer AI, Interactive Lesson Planner AI, and Student Engagement AI. Pick the one that aligns with your current educational objectives.


Give clear, specific guidance on the content you need. Whether it's lesson plans, educational resources, or interactive activities, the more details you provide, the better the AI can cater to your unique educational needs.


Our sophisticated AI processes your instructions and generates unique, pedagogically sound, and engaging content in seconds, ready for classroom use.


AI Tutor is Transforming Classroom Content Creation

Quickly generate detailed lesson plans that align with curriculum standards and learning outcomes.

Create custom worksheets for various subjects and grades with ease.

Develop assignments that foster student engagement and deeper understanding.

Tailor study materials to the needs of your students, enhancing their learning experience.

Efficiently produce a diverse range of test questions to assess student understanding effectively.

Transform your teaching approach with an AI bot that's exclusively programmed with your educational content and teaching style.

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