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Revolutionize Your Content with AI Tutor's Dynamic Toolset!

Organize your chat discussions within folders, import / export data, and more.

Clone your voice and have a conversation with it with Eleven Labs.

Chat with a team of finetuned AI personas that specialize in different topics.

Convert any code to a more preferred coding language of your choosing.

Use the many different AI templates to generate content seamlessly.

Find custom prompts to generate more accurately.

Build your own AI bot with its own persona with your own data.

Chat with the most popular LLM's or try out any of the various plugins.

Chat with an AI agent that performs a multitude of tasks for an enhanced response.

Improve your process for generating content quickly and efficiently.

Create SEO-optimized and unique content for your blogs, ads, emails and websites.

Prompt Engineering guide to improve your ability to accurately talk to AI.

Create landing pages for your products and services that you provide.

A powerful AI agent as your companion for your learning journey.

Chat with AI about your PDF documents to get a better understanding of it.

Unlimited generations across hundred of models.

A collection of magical AI tools that enhance your content.

Build and customize your own AI bot and integrate into your website.

Generate quizzes about any topic to further your learning.

Chat with our web crawler to get the most relevant information on the web.

Create and customize your own prompts for image generation in Midjourney.

Create and chat with AI characters by adding custom personas to them.

Build an entire flow for your AI bot on how it will behave and respond to your users.

Upload an image to AI to analyze and provide you information about it.

Have AI convert your text into Podcast-Ready-Audio.

Add a website to train your bot on specific information which can be embedded.

Upscale your images to a larger size with higher quality.

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