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AI Tutor was developed to bridge the learning gap. Everyone should be able to access revolutionary artificial intelligence technology and have the opportunity to receive personalized learning experience that adaps to their needs every step of the way. For every paid subscription, a student get a free subscription for AI Tutor.

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AI Tutor is an excellent tool for students who are looking to supplement their learning or who need extra help in specific subjects. The app is well-designed, easy to use, and provides a personalized learning experience that can benefit students of all ages and abilities.

AI Tutor Benefits

Tutor AI uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the student's performance and provide personalized feedback and recommendations. This approach ensures that students can learn at their own pace, which is particularly useful for those who struggle with traditional classroom instruction.

Every user on AI Tutor benefits from the individual learning experience the platform provides.

Professional users can use AI to write copy, learn coding, debug issues, and explore new topics.

Teachers and educators can use AI Tutor to expand on their lesson and engage students.

AI Tutor can even assist in every day tasks with the advanced chat and vision models.


AI Tutor is rated 4.9/5 stars in over 1,000 reviews

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